’86 GROGS members braved the unpleasant weather to attend the February meeting and were rewarded with an excellent meal (broth and mince ‘n’ tatties); a very capable and humorous Chairman (Gordon Wilson) and an absorbing talk given by Nathan Bombrys, Chief Executive of Glasgow Rugby.  Nathan impressed his listeners with the depth of his rugby knowledge, his enthusiasm for his job and his unbridled ambition for Glasgow Warriors.  During a lively “Question Time”, when the questioners displayed their keen knowledge of the game of rugby, he dealt with each point raised professionally and generally to the satisfaction of the audience.’

‘The penultimate Lunch of the 2012/13 season is on Wednesday 13 March, when the speaker will be Andrew McPherson, one of Scotland’s better professional referees.  Already we’ve heard from 2 representatives of the non-playing constituent parts of modern day rugby – a coach (Kenny Murray) and an administrator (Nathan Bombrys).  Come along and hear the 3rd!’

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