2013/2014: Scottish National League



M. Hastie15M. Houston
M. Wilson14R. Jericevich
F. Robson13C. Binnie
D. Buckley12(c) A. Henderson
G. Minto11J. Couper
M. Douglas10D. Dunn
A. Tait9J. Plumridge
K. Cooney1S. Carson
C. Riddell2G. King
A. Marsh3S. Gallacher
A. Common4D. Larkin
D. Seed5M. Fox
L. Tait6R. Smith
I. Wallace7D. Malcolm
M. Robertson8P. Harkins
G. Harkins16J. White
F. Howie17S. Fisher
S. Patterson18A. Auld
K. Wilkinson19E. Greer
R. Minto20
Buckley (2), Douglas, Robson, WilsonTryHenderson, Houston
Douglas (3)ConHouston
Mr C. Clark (West RS)


Kelso benefited from the work done on the pitch during the summer as the game went ahead in fairly rough conditions. The Kelso team was closer to the optimum side which played in the games before Christmas although there are still some injuries waiting to clear up.

GHA were unfortunate to have a couple of players involved in a motor accident on their journey to Kelso and only had 17 players. Their strength was further depleted early in the game when an injury to prop, Scott Gallacher, required an ambulance being called and the player being taken to the BGH. The play was suspended for about 20 minutes whilst the injured player was attended to.

On the restart, Kelso played some good rugby and scored 5 tries, all through their backs. Mark Wilson opened the scoring for Kelso with a try which was converted by Matt Douglas. The kicker scored the next try but failed with the conversion as he did with Dom Buckley’s first try. Douglas, however, was successful with the kicks for the last two tries by Frankie Robson and Buckley again. For GHA, Murray Houston and Andy Henderson scored tries with Houston adding the extras after his own try.

We are pleased to add that Scott Gallacher has now been released from hospital after undergoing scans. He suffered some bad swelling in the neck area which was inhibiting movement on his left hand side but thankfully there is no long term issue and he will make a full recovery.

Source: Kelso RFC

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