2004/2005: Scottish Premiership One



N. Barrett15N. De Luca
R. Watson14M. Teague
A. Bulloch13R. Dewey
R. West12S. Lang
R. McClymont11A. Wilson
I. Kennedy10G. Rutherford
N. MacLeod9A. Trotter
R. Nolan1M. Welch
D. Malcolm2N. Meikle
M. Diaz3A. Dickinson
A. Williamson4J. Osbourne
J. Eddie5I. Nimmo
L. Hazelton6S. McNeil
C. Di Ciacca7J. White
R. Williams8J. Syme
I. McKinnon16C. Sinclair
G. Harkness17S. Mustard
A. Miller18M. Lewis
C. Pothan19
West (2), Eddie, WatsonTry Whyte
Mr M. Hall (Boroughmuir)

Top of the league? Don’t make me laugh. Heriot’s were more like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. GHA took them apart piece by piece to break their losing streak, and the visitors’ winning one, and fully deserved their victory and their bonus point. 

“There was one team that wanted it more than the other and it wasn’t Heriot’s,” acknowledged a chastened Iwan Tukalo, the only member of the coaching team to emerge from a shell-shocked dressing room.

GHA tore into Heriot’s from the whistle, despite the fact that, to the casual observer, the visitors looked about two stone heavier and two inches taller all round. Such was the onslaught that before the first quarter was over, two of Heriot’s forwards had limped from the field. With most of the play in the first half between the 22s, penalties were crucial but it was Ian Kennedy, GHA’s young but highly promising No10, who was able to convert one. It was no more than the home side, playing into a stiff breeze, deserved.

However, despite their dominance, it was not until 12 minutes into the second half that GHA extended their lead. Kennedy had more penalty opportunities but though his kicking from hand was excellent, he could not find the target from the spot. It was Bulloch, temporarily at stand-off, who engineered the try from a ruck, the ball going swiftly from him to Kennedy to Ross West who picked his angle to get the first of his double.

Heriot’s finally got on the score sheet in the final quarter with a classic line out take-and-drive after they managed to sustain a few phases, Jonathan Whyte touching down.

Source: The Scotsman, Monday 4th October 2004

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