Over the last few weeks, GHA RFC Directors have been in discussions with Giffnock North Amateur Athletic Club (GNAAC) Athletics Section with a view to their membership moving to Braidholm from their current base at Giffnock North Amateur Football Club.

Discussions have moved on and a meeting was held within the clubhouse on 20/03/17 and we have signed a Restricted Membership agreement with GNAAC Athletics Section for an agreed annual fee, which will allow their members to use our facilities for the following purposes: meetings, functions, use of the bar as well as two changing rooms on a Thursday evening.

They will still remain full members of GNAAC Athletics Section and report to their Committee on all issues.

As mentioned, a senior road running group will meet at Braidholm on Thursday nights and they will have two dressing rooms (probably 1 & 4) allocated to them. Thereafter their runners, both males and females, will be welcome to use the bar area after their session. This should be the only impact GNAAC Athletics Section have on the use of our facilities, as all of the junior runners require to use many of the running tracks dotted about the Southside for their training needs. GNAAC Athletics Section will also be allocated storage space under the stand for some of their equipment.

This agreement has been carefully discussed between the GHA RFC Board and the GNAAC Athletics Section Committee and we now welcome them to Braidholm, and I hope that they enjoy being part of GHA.

Lastly, during our meetings with GNAAC Athletics Section, the possibility of a joint development of our facility was discussed which would include a 3G pitch with the addition of a 400m running track on our grounds – something which would suit both club’s needs.

As you are aware, our previous Sport Scotland funding application for the 3G pitch was rejected, however the requirement for an all weather facility becomes increasingly important to the growth and future success of our club and we are therefore keen to explore all avenues in making this development a reality.

Clearly, should things develop then we will inform our membership and discuss the matter further with you.

Best wishes,

Euan Baillie

Club President

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