GHA’s child protection policy and procedures are based on Scottish Rugby’s child protection
policy (2017) and the National guidance for child protection in Scotland (2014)
GHA RFC supports and applies Scottish Rugby’s values of Leadership, Engagement, Achievement,

We have a dedicated Child Protect Officer who can be contacted HERE.
Scottish Rugby Child Protection Team
Scottish Rugby has a dedicated Lead Child Protection Officer and Child Protection Administrator who are part of the HR & Regulatory Teams. They can be contacted on [email protected] or 0131346 5000.



We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Breathing Space, the free, confidential phone and web based service for people in Scotland experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety.

As a club we recognise the importance of Mental Health Support and our responsibility to our players, our members and our community in helping to raise awareness of mental health issues and the support that is on offer to those that need it.
‘Even in the toughest of sports, we need to tackle our mental health.”

Breathing Space Website >

Call 0800 838587.

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