Niall Cassie and Andrew Gillman return to the GHA team after injury for the Saturday
visit to Falkirk.

Cassie, who has missed the first six games of the season, will be back in his
accustomed role as captain and centre for the game against the Premier Two
newcomers. Gillman resumes at scrum half after having been out of the team since a
hand injury in the first match of the season in August.

GHA’s team:

15 Dominic Dunn
14 Rangi Jericevich
13 Ross McClymont
12 Niall Cassie (captain)
11 Ruairi O’Keefe
10 James Noonan
9 Andrew Gillman

1 Josh Low
2 Donald Malcolm
3 Matthew Kidd
4 Ryan Jenkins
5 Simon Shearer
6 Paul Harkins
7 Jamie Pinder
8 Dominic Kellock

Iain Nelson
Stephen Spowart
Adam Barnett
Patrick Hilley

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