At GHA we are more than aware of the risk of cardiac issues to players after our own Jim Clarke suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing for the GHA 2As earlier this season. Thankfully his team mate Tony Hampson, a doctor, was on hand to perform emergency treatment which ultimately helped to save Jim’s life.  Although the incident did not occur at Braidholm, it made us acutely aware of the need to attain a Defibrilator at Braidholm in the event that any such instance may occur at our club in future.

A Defibrilator is a piece of medical equipment for providing shock treatment to anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest and the sooner it is administered, the greater the chance that that person’s life can be saved. GHA will soon be in receipt of a Defibrilator thanks to the great work done by the Craig Hodgkinson trust in raising both awareness and funds for purchasing Defib’s for community clubs such as ours. 

On the 6th of April we will receive a visit from a group of rugby players raising money for this cause. Please read the message below and donate what you can. Thank you. 

The Briggsy Scottish Rugby Cycle for the Craig Hodgkinson Trust – March/April 2013

On March 31st 2013, Gordi Reid, Owen McInroy and Ally Peterson are setting off on an extremely challenging and ambitious cycle to raise funds for the Craig Hodgkinson trust. The 3 GHK Rugby club players have been set the following challenge – to cycle around Scotland visiting the country’s top 40 rugby clubs leaving from Aberdeen on Sunday 31st March in the morning and arriving back at Old Anniesland in Glasgow, home of GHK, the following Saturday afternoon. This involves approximately 650 miles of cycling over 6 and a half days, including between 8 and 12 hours of cycling per day.

Our chosen charity is one very close to our and the club’s hearts as Craig Hodgkinson was an ex
Glasgow High School, GHK and Glasgow Hawks player and team-mate who tragically died whilst
playing our beloved game from an unknown cardiac defect. Other young professional sportsmen who have fallen victim to cardiac arrest include Scotland’s own Phil O’Donnell as well as the more recent miracle of Fabrice Muamba.

The Craig Hodgkinson Trust was set up by his parents, Diane and John, who is currently a
member of the coaching staff at GHK. The trust exists to provide defibrillator equipment to
sports team, clubs and communities. They wish to distribute defibrillator machines to sports’
clubs and communities throughout the country to ensure that potential life-saving equipment
is on hand. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible to help allow the trust to achieve this.

We would all be very grateful if you could support us for this highly demanding challenge by
donating to this extremely important charity. You can follow our progress on our facebook page ( and twitter (#BriggsyCycle).

Please help us raise as much as possible!!!

Donations can be made at

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