2007/2008: Scottish Premiership One



A. Muir15C. Binnie
J. Caldwell14R. Watson
I. Downie13C. McKay
A. Binikos12A. Bulloch
A. Hutt11N. Cassie
J. Smith10J. Noonan
R. Snedden9J. Wright
J. Cox1B. Prescott
A. Johnston2D. Sutherland
A. Reekie3A. Kelly
A. Adam4G. Harkness
L. Lappin5J. Paine
M. Fitzgerald6A. Boag
J. Taggart7D. Chaney
R. Weston8C. Forrester
C. Ferreira16G. King
S. MacEwan17J. Coffey
M. Cairns18G. Williamson
S. Burton19T. Mocelutu
D. Creighton20A. Rushforth
Burton, Hutt, Smith, TaggartTryBinnie, McKay, Watson
Smith (2)ConNoonan (2)
Smith (3)PenNoonan (2)
Mr P. Allan (SRU)


After losing each of their previous three matches, Currie took the first step towards getting their title defence back on track with a bonus point victory over GHA.

“We didn’t play particularly well, but we did put in an enormous amount of effort,” said Ali Donaldson, Currie’s relieved head coach. “The result was more important than the performance, and it is a lot easier to sort out the problems on the back of a win. If we had lost that game then we would have been in danger of slipping into the wrong half of the league, so there was a lot of pressure and that led to a nervy display.”

Andy Hutt’s late try secured Currie a full five points, and deprived GHA of even a losing bonus point from a game the could have won. Worse still, it was a very silly try to give away, with Jono Wright throwing a wayward pass from the base of a scrum close to his team’s own line.

“We knew that one score would win the game and I think we were right to go for victory, but we maybe have to be a bit more streetwise,” said GHA coach Roddy Moir.

Source: Sky Sports, Saturday 13th October 2007 & The Scotsman, Monday 15th October 2007

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