GHA head to Kelso on Saturday seeking to follow up with a second successive
Border scalp after the excellent victory against Peebles last week.

It will be the clubs’ last Premier Two match before the mid-season split. GHA,
having won only two league games so far, and seven others will go on to play in
the third of the three Premier One/Two groups. The top group will be contesting
the championship, the middle eight will be vying for four Premier One places next
season, and the third-tier clubs will be seeking to avoid relegation to P3. League
points gained by the clubs in the first and third groups will be carried forward into the
second stage.

The second phase of the competition will start on 13 November. But fixtures will not
be defined until after Saturday’s matches. So everyone will have to wait a couple of
days before knowing who their opponents will be in two weeks’ time and where the
game will be played.

Before then the first league-format series of Premier Cup matches will be played on
Saturday 6 November. GHA will be at home that day against Dunfermline (kick-off
2.00pm). Away cup-ties follow against Ayr and Perthshire in the New Year.

Saturday’s Kelso v GHA match at Poynder Park be at 3.00pm even though the
standard kick-off time from then until January will be an hour earlier. GHA’s team:

Ross McClymont
Rangi Jericevich
Niall Cassie (captain)
Andrew Rushforth
Ruairi O’Keefe
Dominic Dunn
Murray Houston

Geoff Warnock
Donald Malcolm
Matt Kidd
Ryan Jenkins
Simon Shearer
Jamie Auld
Jamie Pinder
Iain Nelson

Stephen Spowart
Ben Farrell
Adam Barnett
Chris Binnie

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