2009/2010: Scottish Premiership Two



R. McClymont15C. Terito
C. Binnie14N. Watt (c)
(c) N. Cassie13C. Mark
A. Rushforth12G. Dykes
R. O’Keefe11C. Cockburn
J. Noonan10S. Brownlee
A. Gillman9W. Haenga
G. Warnock1D. Orr
J. Low2C. Elliot
A. Kelly3G. Glass
R. Jenkins4R. Martin
M. Gurran5Q. Caulfield
J. Auld6L. Hansen
J. Pinder7D. Barber
D. Kellock8G. Paris
I. Nelson16A. Laidlaw
A. MacFarlane17G. Cockburn
J. Beattie18R. King
R. Jericevich19M. Legget
Pinder (2), Binnie, Cassie, Gillman, Jenkins, Kellock, McClymontTryCockburn, Mark
Noonan (5)ConKing
Mr J.M. Burel (Kirkcaldy RFC)

Haddington traveled to Glasgow on Saturday to take on GHA in a rearranged league fixture. The Scarlets had made every effort to reach a mutually satisfactory date for the fixtureto be played given the number of players unavailable including those on representative duty. Unfortunately however GHA’s refusal, left the Reds with no option but to play the match under these less than ideal circumstances. The only alternative would have seen the club docked points which it can ill afford at this time.

The match started in bright clear conditions with Haddington playing up the the slope and the Reds started well looking to test the GHA defence early on.

The first points of the day however were claimed by GHA on 8 mins. Pressure in the Haddington 22′ saw the Reds forced to clear to touch on the 22′ and despite the ball clearly hitting the chasing GHA player on the hand the throw in was awarded to the home side. To rub salt into the would the throw in was squint and from there GHA forwards rumbled over for the try, which the Reds should still have defended better. The kick was converted to give GHA an early lead. GHA 7 – 0 Haddington

The next 10 mins sees some end to end stuff with the Scarlets making a number of breaks, but unable to make them count. Haddington get their first chance at points on 16 mins, but the penalty drifts wide. On 27 mins the Reds win scrum ball which is moved wide and lost in midfield. GHA have a near 10 man overlap, but elect not to use it. However a resultant penalty is kicked by Noonan to move the score on. GHA 10 – 0 Haddington

On 31 mins GHA break from deep but knock on, the Scarlets however with the advantage elect to kick the ball away and pay the ultimate price as GHA return with interest, setting up a scrum on the reds line, from which the try is scored, and again converted. GHA 17 – 0 Haddington

Haddington continue to win their share of possession, but the ball is repeatedly lost in the midfield and as half time approaches the Reds are made to pay for these errors. GHA recover ball and after numerous missed tackles score the softest of tries. This time the kick is missed. With no further scoring in the half the whistle blows for the break

Half-Time Score: GHA 22 – 0 Haddington

The second half starts with the coaches making 3 changes to the Reds team and we start brightly showing shome real determination. This pays of on 47 mins after Haddington’s best passage of play in the game, with a try for Calum Cockburn. Ross King makes good with the conversion, to bring the Reds back into the game. GHA 22 – 7 Haddington

The joy is shortlived as almost straight from the kick off GHA secure the ball and a speculative crossfield kick is gathered and GHA score in the corner, with the conversion being missed. GHA 27 – 7 Haddington

On 51 mins GHA win ruck ball and move wide. Again the Reds pay the price for numerous missed tackles, and conced another very soft try. which is converted by Noonan this time. GHA 32 – 7 Haddington

On 55 mins another good passage of play see Haenga break and appear to score a good try under the posts, but the ref bring it back for a scrum to Haddington. From the scrum another good move looks to have resulted in a try in the corner but again the Ref disagrees. Haddington go again from the scrum and this time Calum Mark crosses the line and the Ref awards the try. The kick is narrowly missed. GHA 32 – 12 Haddington

At this stage the Haddington still have a chance to get back and there is the real possibility of a bonus point for 4 trys with just over 20 mins still to be played. However almost straight from the kick off again GHA secure ball in midfield and as several of the Scarlets again miss tackles another very soft score is conceeded. The conversion is good, moving the score on for GHA. GHA 39 – 12 Haddington

From here GHA control the remainder of the game and score 2 further tries, which while well worked are as much about the Reds defence. The game finishes with Haddington pressing for a final score but the ball is lost forward to end the contest.

Final Score: GHA 53 – 12 Haddington

In the final analysis, despite being forced to play the game in very difficult circumstances the Reds contributed to their own downfall, with as poor a defensive display as has been seen for many a day. GHA are a good side with some quality players, but did not have to work anywhere near hard enough for their points on the day. While we will never know if the result would have been any different had we been afforded the opportunity to play the game with all players at our disposal, we must move on from this and focus on the key games that lie ahead in the coming weeks.

Source: Haddington RFC, Sunday 14th February 2010

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