December Lunch
The GROGS celebration of its 10th. anniversary Xmas Lunch was a deemed a great success by the107 GROGS who attended. They enjoyed a traditional meal, including some very tasty mince pies baked by Myra Kerr, wife of GROGS stalwart and Treasurer, Murray Kerr. The jolly atmosphere was enhanced by some loud and raucous community singing, led by GROG Bill Gardiner on keyboard, and a rather crazy game of ‘pass the parcel’, or more ‘pass the bottle’, ensuring no-one went away empty handed! The guest speaker was Peter Mitchell, who travelled from Aberdeen to entertain us with one of the funniest speeches heard for a long time. This was an occasion which didn’t end when Roy Dingwall, the chairman, called “Time”. The socialising continued for some time after that!

January Lunch
The festivities had not taken too big a toll of GROGS members as 85 of them turned up for the first Lunch of 2013 in anticipation of a “real rugby” talk from the guest speaker, Kenny Murray, the highly rated coach of Ayr RFC. Although spirits were slightly more subdued than at the previous Lunch, they were not to be disappointed! Kenny gave an intelligent, highly insightful and thought provoking presentation reflecting his strong views on the state of Scottish rugby as it is today and what can be done to save it for the future. It was clear from the number and the calibre of the questions put to him that he had ‘hit the spot’ with an audience filled with Scottish rugby afficionados.

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