2008/2009: Scottish Premiership Two



G. Taylor15Do. Anderson
14Da. Anderson
N. Cassie13D. Boughtwood
12C. Borthwick
11N. Hogarth
J. Noonan10N. Warnock
A. Gillman9D. Moore
1W. Aitken
2R. McConnell
3N. Clark
4D. Harvey
5I. Rodger
6J. Oakes
7D. Sangster
8D. Paton
G. Warnock16A. Brown
17S. Groat
18S. Smellie
R. Jenkins19A. Moffat
Cassie, TaylorTryDa. Anderson, Do. Anderson, Groat, Paton
Noonan (2)ConBoughtwood (2)


It was doubtful whether or not this game would go ahead. Some parts of the pitch were still hard from the freezing cold of the night before, and one end of the pitch still white with the frost.

Peebles were hoping to make this a second away win in a row, and replicate the game against Hamilton, in which they won 33-16. Peebles started the game just below the top three, in fourth place. Before the match there was a minute of silence for GHA’s former vice-president, John Badger, who died recently.

The match started with both teams eager to get a win, and both sides expecting a close match. The start of the match was very close, with neither team getting an advantage. Peebles were putting the pressure on GHA but they never could use the possession, and every time they pushed forward, GHA pushed them back and they lost possession. The Peebles line-out was excellent, and a good throw to the back led to a Peebles penalty, which was kicked for a Peebles line-out on the GHA twenty-two metre line. GHA won the ball in their own 22, and made a break, only to chip, and lose the ball. Peebles kicked back and when the full-back slipped and the ball bounced kindly for winger, David Anderson, who sprinted down the wing to score the first try of the match. This was left unconverted, as the ball was kicked wide.

GHA decided to push forward, and get some points on their own scoreboard. They put Peebles under a lot of pressure and they got ta penalty. Instead of going for the easy option, and getting three points on the board, they went for seven, and they kicked it cross field. This didn’t work and they didn’t have any time to do anything with the ball before GHA were tackled to ground. They passed the ball wide to the wing, and if it wasn’t for strong defensive tackles by Peebles, they would have scored.

Neil Clark went off early, and Adam Brown went on for him. Peebles booted the ball up field, and in doing so, took the pressure off themselves. Peebles attacked, but all the defence had worn them out, and they couldn’t get past the GHA defence. Peebles decided to make some more changes int eh 26th minute, and Neil Clark came back on. Peebles were rejuvenated after this, and pressed the attack on GHA.

David Paton scored another try when he took a deft inside pass from scrum-half, Drew Moore, and catching the defence flat footed raced over untouched to extend the Peebles lead, and this time it was converted by Dan Boughtwood to add the extra points. Donald Anderson added a third, when Boughtwood broke the defensive line on the GHA 10 metre line, and then sent the Peebles full-back on his way under the posts, giving an easy two points in front of the posts. Peebles defended well for the last five minutes, but in injury time they couldn’t keep going, and after some controversial refereeing (i.e. forward pass) GHA scored their first try in the 47th-minute as full-back Greg Taylor weaved through to under the posts., converted by standoff Jim Noonan. Peebles had played well int eh first half, and were winning by a margin of 12 points with the half-time score at 7-19. In the first half the Peebles line-out, penalty count, and forward play had all been improved vastly, and if they kept playing like they had, they would win easily.

Peebles were on the defensive from the very beginning of the second half, and before long, GHA had a five metre scrum. After 10 minutes of defence, Peebles managed to get out of their own half, and get a penalty on the GHA twenty-two metre line because of a GHA player holding on. This was no problem and was kicked over easily by Dan Boughtwood. Peebles then had some trouble, and were on the defensive for quite a bit after this.

The Peebles defence was very strong, as it has been all season, but as with many matches, it eventually cracked, and the GHA captain and centre Niall Cassie broke through to score. This was converted by Jim Noonan, bringing the score up to 22-14. Peebles decided to bring on some replacements for Neil Clark and Ryan McConnell,. For Ryan McConnell, Steven Groat came on.

Peebles won a penalty, which was kicked for touch, so they could go for the try. Peebles won the line-out, drove for the line and Steven Groat was in possession as the maul crossed the line. It was his first appearance for Peebles and his first try, all within two minutes of each other. Unfortunately for Peebles this was left unconverted, GHA were desperate to get some points on the board after this, and hopefully get a bonus point.

The GHA attack was strong, but the Peebles defence remained resolute, not wanting to let them get any more points. Peebles made one last substitution in injury time, and the game ended 27-14, a good win for Peebles, and yet again, a bonus point to go along with it. Peebles have been playing brilliantly these last few weeks, and have won the admiration of many fans. Steven Groat, having just made his debut for Peebles in the match, played very well, scoring the bonus point try and making the result safe.

Source: The Peebleshire News, Friday 5th December 2008

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