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Jamie Pinder and Glen King are back in GHA’s pack for the Premier Two match against Gala at Braidholm on Saturday.

King missed the worthy win against Aberdeen Grammar up north last week. Pinder has been absent for the past three weeks because of a shoulder injury. Martin Dunn, too, makes a return, playing at full back as the only change in the victorious team’s back division.

Saturday’s match will kick off at 2.00pm, as will all of GHA’s home matches up to late January.
GHA team:

Martin Dunn

Patrick Hilley

Niall Cassie (captain)

Ross McClymont

Chris Binnie

Jim Noonan

Andrew Gillman

Josh Low

Glen King

Andrew Kelly

Mike Gurran

Ryan Jenkins

Dominic Kellock

Andy Boag

Jamie Pinder


Geoff Warnock

David Stoddart

Ian Smith

Gregor Jones

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