All players/coaches, 1st XV, 2nd XV, 2A’s & Gazelles, have been summoned to appear before The Right Honourable Judge McIlwham on Saturday 15th December @ 7pm sharp. All players/coaches are asked to attend this social and adhere by the following rules.

1. 7pm means 7pm. Do not keep The Judge waiting.
Failure to comply – £5.00

2. All must wear a Reindeer Antlers with Flashing Nose & Christmas Tie.
Failure to comply – £3.00

3. During the Court session, there will be no pointing.
Failure to comply – £1.00

4. There will be no excessive swearing.
Failure to comply – £1.00

5. There will be no using of Mobile Phones/Cameras.
Failure to comply – £3.00

6. There will be Left Handed Drinking to the hour and Right Handed Drinking after the hour.
Failure to comply – £1.00

• All money fines will go into the drinking pot for the night.
• There will be opportunities during the court to accuse fellow players/coaches of crimes that you see fit for the Judge to rule on.
• If you do not wish to stand up in front of the court and accuse a fellow player or coach then you may pass any information onto myself before the court opens for business, this can be done by text or email.
• All information must be given in an accurate manner along with your name.

Tel: 07801 795892 or [email protected]

You will be reminded of the rules and other activities at the start of the night. I look forward to seeing you all there 7pm sharp.

Let start the Christmas celebrations early and support your club.

RHJ McIlwham

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