Taking up residence at Braidholm in November 2020, Prep To Plate have been cooking up a storm over the winter months with their incredible meal prep delivery service. Providing an extensive range of healthy, guilt free dishes that energise and delight, Prep To Plate are professional, qualified chefs not only passionate about how food tastes but also about how food makes us feel, “restaurant standard meals to the comfort of your own home at an affordable price!“.

As we continue to face lockdown during these cold, dark, shorter days and the return to team sports and access to fitness and wellbeing opportunities seems further away than ever, it is difficult to manage and maintain our health goals- that is were Prep To Plate come in. They are on a mission to “make sure the people of Glasgow are supplied with the health boosting tasty meals they so rightly deserve”, creating and impressive range of dishes under 500 kcal that do not compromise on flavour and will help you with your health and wellbeing goals.

Who are Prep to Plate meals perfect for?

– Elderly and vulnerable
– Someone looking to make a healthy change
– Athletes
– Key workers that are constantly on the go
– Anyone looking for calorie counted meals

From just £5, meals range from hearty soups and detox broths, to home cooked favourites like mac & cheese, chicken fajitas, stews, curries, their soon to be famous salt and chilli pulled brisket and even desserts! There are meal options for all, catering for most allergen and dietary requirements and meals can last 4-5 days in the fridge or defrosted from frozen to suit your needs.

Deliveries cover most of the Glasgow area and arrive straight to your door on Sundays, ready to set you up for the week ahead.

We are delighted to have this amazing business based at GHA Rugby Club and thriving during these difficult times.  Head over to www.preptoplate.co.uk for full details on menus, deals and deliveries! Follow them on Instagram: @prep.to.plate and Facebook @Prep2Plate to keep up to date with each week’s menu and see how some of GHA’s very own are enjoying their meal prep deliveries and helping them keep fit and well during lockdown.

(Weekly order deadline: Thursdays at 6pm for Sunday delivery.)

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